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The Planning

Key Points

  • Do planning before a meeting. The meeting is just for sync. In the meeting speak briefly and to the point.
  • Do spring planning in a separate meeting with a team member or a group of members. The meeting is just for sync.
  • Clarify who is on this task – everyone should accept responsibility.
  • Facilitator is required. Let it be a team member, not a team leader. The team leader pulls the blanket and doesn't hear the team. The team leader interferes only if something went wrong.

The Meeting Format

  • Intro. The more the team is distributed, the longer this stage.
  • Checking (metrics, tasks progress, etc.). The questions are allowed, but no discussion. When the holy war begins, the facilitator suggests to discuss it outside this meeting (another meeting with concrete agenda).
  • Browse agenda subjects. The facilitator asks the owner of the subject what she wants.
  • Each agenda subject is relevant for the whole team. Otherwise the facilitator suggests to discuss it outside this meeting.
  • The meeting is time bounded. The number of subjects determines the time for discussion of one subject. It will make the meeting more dynamic.
  • Conclusion and exit.
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